01. His parents sent him to a military [academy] because they thought he was getting a little too wild.
02. After taking classical ballet for years, Jennifer decided to try a jazz dance course at the [academy].
03. The local high school has an excellent counseling program in which students give advice to each other on personal and [academic] issues.
04. The course is set up in a way to improve students' communicative and [academic] skills.
05. The university library subscribes to hundreds of different newspapers, magazines and [academic] journals.
06. He doesn't have the [academic] qualifications necessary for a teaching job.
07. She got sick and missed most of the [academic] year, so there was no way she could pass.
08. She has a learning disability and finds it hard to keep up [academically].
09. Asian high school students tend to outperform North American students [academically] in a number of different subjects.
10. [Academics] are not the only ones who do social research; we all do it constantly throughout the course of our lives.
11. Studies show that during the early years of school, girls are more successful [academically] than boys.
12. Your son does quite well [academically], but he seems to have difficulty making any real friends in his class.
13. American writer Edgar Allan Poe was expelled from West Point Military [Academy] for showing up for a public parade wearing only a white belt and gloves.
14. St. Anne's [Academy] is an old Catholic school which has been declared a heritage building here in town.
15. Bell Hooks once stated that the [academy] is not paradise, but learning is a place where paradise can be created.
16. Research suggests that moving to a new town can be so traumatic for young boys that it often causes a drop in [academic] achievement.
17. Studies reveal that physically attractive people are often viewed as healthier and more inclined to succeed [academically].
18. He has worked in [academia] far too long. He knows all the theories, but doesn't really understand how things function in the real world.
19. Sonya is only interested in [academics], so she never goes to gym class or anything that she doesn't consider to be intellectual.
20. Female recruits at both military [academies] have complained of sexual harassment from their male counterparts.

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